A fall from Grace episode 9

This is a fall from Grace episode 9

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Knock! Knock knock! James tapped the door with his left fist.

No response

he tapped the door again, a little bit harder than the first time.

Please come in, Grace said from within.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Grace said already loosing her temper.

“Am sorry, please let me in, and let me explain,” James said tears welling up in his eyes.

what else do you want from me?” Grace said with a whispering tone.

Please Grace allow me to explain things to you.

Fine, we allowed our emotions the other time but please let me explain why I need to see you … James said tears rolling down his cheek, by this time, he was on his knees holding her leg.

Grace was moved, she has never met a man crying uncontrollably, she felt he was repentant and it would be unfair to let go of what happened.

It’s okay, stand up, stop embarrassing yourself.. Grace said, helping him get on his feet.

“Sit please”… Grace said looking at him like a repentant sinner.
Take this… She handed him a face wipe

Can I get you some water from the fridge?

“I wouldn’t mind” James replied still faking his sober state, but his heart was doing a victory jump, maybe his leg was doing some butterfly dance.

If Grace could see through his heart and know the kind of person she is being nice to, she would know that it is not worth it. She would know that she is messing around the devil!

“Here it is”…. She said smiling as she brought out the cold water.

“Grace, I know I don’t deserve all this but I know the God you serve will reward your labour of love, because this is beyond human. Thank you Grace and I’m sorry about what happened the last time… can you please forgive me?

James said tears trickling down from his left eyes.

Grace moved her right hand towards his, hold it and squeeze it gently…

“It’s okay”, I’ve forgiven you,
She wanted to let go of her hands from his but James held her hands firmly,.

Looking straight into her eyes, he imagined pushing her to the walls, fondle her into his arms and have sex right there in the office… He can’t wait till she is hers and he will not hesitate to do everything possible to get her.

She withdrew her hands gently as she can’t just explain the lust she keep having for the man.

It was as though she is spellbound.
James, you need to start going, Grace said to him, you know this is working hours and you don’t want people to start suspecting us…

“Yeah….. that’s true,”
Please I want this to be between us, please let’s make it a secret, James said moving towards her, frolicking her hair with his hands.

“Sure, no one will hear about it”


Grace could not stop thinking about James as he left his office,

“Why do I keep thinking about him again, I don’t know why I feel this urge anytime I am with him, this is lust taking a place in my heart,

‘Holy Spirit help me, I can’t do this on my own, I need you to come direct me and lead me through, I don’t want to fail you again, Father, forgive me and make me pure again”… Grace prayed silently.

There was a knock at the door, it’s Tomi, one of her office friend, she is the secretary to the department of labour, James department.
“come in” she replied.

“My baby”… Tomi entered the office buzzing with joy.

Tomi my love… Grace said laughing slapping her an high five.
Eh eh, you this woman, you no wan grow old again oo, you keep getting younger everyday, this your gown na from Dubai ooo” Tomi said admiring her..

See who is talking oo. Come on, see your wig na, …. Grace said feeling the texture.

The two woman kept on chatting, talking about life and gisting.

But babe, I’m here for a purpose, you know this is working hours and we both have great task before us, and considering the meeting you are having with the women folks this weekend.

Yeah, it’s true, I almost forget, thanks for reminding me.

So, what’s that? Grace was curious.
I was praying yesterday when God show me a vision, I know I saw it clearly and it is never my imaginations.

Grace heart skipped, she was curious to hear, she shifted her buttock sideways, it was as though she is on a hot seat.

“ I saw you walking on a street made of gold, there were lights and as you journey on the road, you were happy and fulfilled, but all of a sudden, you fell and you begin to slip to the other side of the street made of mud.

I don’t know what it means Grace, I’ve prayed for you that you will not slip but the Holy Spirit is asking you to return to your first Love which is Jesus, He needs you back as a daughter, and He is saying He is ready to receive you.

Hmm… Grace heaved heavily, she knows the Spirit of God is true, He just revealed everything happening in her life to Grace.

“Tomi thank you, I do appreciate it, thanks so much”
“It’s okay”, it’s not me you should thank, it’s God, please let’s pray together”

“Father, we thank you for your daughter, we thank you for a moment like this, may your name be highly exalted in Jesus name”

“Daddy we pray that your daughter will not slip in Jesus name”

You have established her on the solid Rock, she will not fall in Jesus name
“Your word says, for as many as are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God, lord I pray from this moment onward, she begin to align to the Spirit in Jesus name”
“In Jesus name we pray”

Thank you Tomi… Grace said smiling.
“Babe, as we are praying, the Spirit of God dropped something in me, there is something you need to confess to your husband, I don’t know what it is but God want you to tell your husband about it.”

“Her heart skipped, it was as though for some few seconds it stopped breathing and she could feel a sharp pain in it like an attack”

“Bye, take care of yourself”… Tomi said and moved towards the door, opened it, looked back again and smile before closing the door.

Grace allow the left side of her lips to widen a bit to return the smile.

“How on Earth would she open up to Williams, how will she even initiate the conversation, what would he think about her? Will he smile? Or will he flare up and rants till the children hear about it.

She imagined her husband preach against adultery on Sunday and say something like,

‘I know some wives have not been faithful to their husband and I know someone here today who has not been faithful to her husband, it’s a person you all know, it’s a person you all reverence,

give out a wry smile before saying, ‘it’s your ‘Mama’ in the Lord,’ she imagined the disgrace, she imagined the honour she will lose in the sight of those she had reprimanded, her mentees.

They will call her an hypocrite, they will call her all sort of names, she will lose her dignity, her honour and her reputation.

“what do I do now” she thought aloud.
I can’t tell him. As a matter of fact, no one will hear about this, it’s a secret, even the Bible says, “wisdom is profitable to direct” and a good name is better than all the riches.

She has to do everything possible to keep her good name, she cannot just drag her name in the mud, so it’s a wisdom affairs now, I’ve confessed to God and he has forgiven me, so there is no point”
Her mind flashed to the kingdom summit they had the previous year where she taught the people about restitution.

“Some things are easier said than done”… she thought of how eloquent she was and how she advised the people to do restitution of their past sins..
In the midst of her deep thoughts, her door screeched opened. James opened the door without knocking
Her heart skipped….

“It’s you, you scared me”… she said touching her chest..
“Am sorry baby, you don’t have to be scared, James said moving closer to her and touched her by the shoulders, and squeezing it gently.
I do not mean to harm you,. James whispered softly into her ears.
Yeah, I know, but you don’t come into my office without knocking, it’s not right.

James looked at her lustfully as she sat on the chair. He imagined himself walk towards her, pressed her back against the wall, and kiss her lips passionately.,..

“Tell him to leave your office right now”… the holy Spirit nudged in her heart.

She felt uncomfortable, but what’s wrong, this is office, nothing can happen here..
“Tell him to leave your office right now, if not, you won’t be able to bear the consequences.

But Grace ignored the leading of the Holy Spirit the second time.

Grace lifted her fingers and wave them at James face to bring him back to reality.

James blinked his eyes as he was jolted back to the moment

What were you thinking of?
“Errm… errmmm… nothing actually, just reminiscing… I’m sorry”, he said trying to suppress his libido.

“So Grace…. we’re having a house warming party on Saturday evening, right in my house and I will love you to be there.

I think you should meet Debby, my wife…
You know things have been going on fine between us lately and so, we just want to celebrate the moment with friends and family. I think you should be there..

Grace looked into his eyes, she felt a spark as her eyes met his, and immediately, jealousy filled her heart.
Ohh, your wife… but what about me? Grace said lustfully, touching the tip of his tie, she moved towards him and like someone under a manipulation, she grabbed him and begin to kiss him passionately..

James was at first taken aback, it was then He remembered about the staff Oshibuna touched his eyes with…
“I want you James, I want you to take me on a journey of no return, I want you to have sex with me, Grace said pressing his back against the wall…

I love you Grace, you know right? James said looking into her eyes, his hands moving close to her hips, he caressed her and pushed her towards the table, and had sex with her…….

(To be continued)

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