A fall from Grace episode 8

This is a fall from Grace episode 8

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Grace drove home in silence!

She entered the house and ripped off everything on her .

A bit felt relieved, Williams and the kids are not back from Church… She reflected on everything that had happened.

“ gbe(am finished)”…she said panting, pacing around the room, with her two hands on her head.

Her legs walked into the bathroom to clean her body, stuttered towards the Bible shelf, and scribbled her hands down the neatly arranged Bible.

She picked the Big Dakes Bible.

open the pages randomly, and dropped it, she can’t even see anything, all she could ever think of is everything that happened, her reputation and her ministry.

Her phone beeped, it was James..

Like a thunder strike, her heart let out a frightening sound

“Mtcheew”… She checked the caller ID and hissed irritably.

Her phone did not stop ringing until the fifth time, then, her phone gave a notification sound.

Grace my love, am sorry for everything, I think, our emotions got the best of us. I do not mean to hurt you.

Tears trickled down her cheek, it was not James fault, it’s her fault! The Holy Spirit warned her but she fails to listen.

She read the text over and over again, and later deleted it with the previous conservatiom, she can’t just imagine Williams seeing the text.

What explanation will justify her dirty acts.

Williams got back from church with the kids,

“Sweetie, you didn’t come for the meeting?”

“Yes, I had to stay with Tola and encourage her, you won’t believe we prayed for almost an hour”

“Wow, that’s great, so I hope her faith was renewed….”

“Yes, she was so happy”, “So, how was the program today”

“Program was great, I wish you attended, you need to see how people were falling under the anointing, many sick people were healed, even those on crutches were raised.”

“It was indeed a great November miracle service.”

“Yeah, we thank God, all glory to God.” Grace said raising her hands towards heaven.

Her mind flashed to that verse of the scripture that says, “he that covers his sins shall not prosper but he that confess them will receive mercy.”

She looked at her husband, guilt engulfed her

Her mind swayed to the ministry God has committed into their hands, The testimonies!

A part of her feels like spilling her mind out, but she can’t just imagine how he will feel.

It’s so obvious he will never trust him again.

But then, he will never be aware of this if it is kept as a secret…. She thought aloud.

After so much thoughts of the day, she fell asleep!


“Great one!!! The one who holds the heart of the confraternity!! I hail you lord”… James courtesy before Oshibuna…

“James… I mean, senator James, what do you want from me this time around?” Oshibuna replied, looking fiercely into his eyes..

“Oh great one! The one who holds the key of the fraternity! The one who holds the secret book of the confraternity! I have come to come to seek a favour from you”

“Speak, for your master heareth”

“I seek for more powers, different from political advantage, I seek for power that will make women drool over me,.

I have my attention for one of my colleague, she calls herself a Christian but I want to have her head bent over heels for me, I want to have her love me more than her husband, I want her to burn and long to see me…”

“That is what I want Oshibuna”… “consider it done”… But you have a part to play.
Anything lord…

You will have to bring her blood here for the Spiritual union,.
Oh! Great one, how do I bring her blood, I want her to be mine, not to terminate her..

no one ask you to terminate her, just have sex with her,

get her blood and we consummate the union in the spirit realm and everything is fine.

Am sorry, thank you great one… Oh live great one! The one who holds the heart of the confraternity…. I hail you! James said and bowed.

(To be continued)

Isn’t James going to the extreme? I hope Grace is safe…

Till then, stay tuned till next week Monday for the next episode.

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