A fall from Grace episode 7


This is a fall from Grace episode 7

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Grace drove down the alley, she tuned to one of her favorite Hillsong United songs, “Spirit lead me”…

she could remember how that song had ministered grace to her on the sickbed.

Her mind flashed through the time mama rejected her, calling her the bad egg of the family, she almost lost her trust in God, but the song was a therapy to her soul..

Spirit leads me where my trust is without borders, let me walk upon the waters, wherever you would call me, take me deeper than my feet could ever wander and my faith will be made stronger in the presence of my saviour”.

Is the Spirit of God really leading you?

She felt that voice speak audibly to her, are you sure your feet is not wandering into the world? The voice came again.

Confused! she pulled in front of a house, it’s just three house away from the hotel.

But who will minister to Him if you do not? Remember what God told you when He appointed you as a Minister, He has a calling for you, an assignment.. Definitely, Senator James is one of the few assignments… She thought aloud..

“I will do the work of Him that sent me when it is day, the night comes when no man can work”… Her mind flashed to that part of the scripture.

She pulled in front of Vanilla resort, checked her wrist watch, it’s almost 5pm.. Before 6, I should be done, I will ensure I preach to him today.
Lord please give me utterance.. she prayed.

She looked at the back seat and noticed her Bible, maybe I should go with my Bible, she thought…

it’s not necessary jare, why should I go with my Bible when I have the Bible app on my Android.

She picked up her phone and dialed his number…
“Hello, I am in front of the resort, she said”
“okay, can you come in and ask of room 505”.. James said to her bewilderment

“Ohh… I thought” but before she could say any more word, the caller ID has disappeared.

Well, it’s not a bad idea, you know…

Even Jesus wined and dined with tax collectors and sinners…

She laughed at the thoughts as she entered the hotel reception.

“Hello, good afternoon”
“Hey, good afternoon, how can we help you”

“please take me to room 505, I want to see someone” Grace asked, she hope she is doing the right thing but her conscience is not at rest.

Okay, Seyi please show her the way to the elevator… the receptionist said..

“Thank you”, a little bit nervous

Grace trembled as she stood in front of the room, she seem to be caught between the devil and the dead blue sea as she thought of knocking the door or run as fast as her leg could carry her.

she can’t believe she is standing in front of a hotel room just to see a male colleague who is not her husband, she wondered what he wants to discuss with her, she can’t just think straight, she imagined seeing pastor Alpha come out of his hotel room with his wife, Pastor Alpha is one of the pastor in the ministry and he got married a week ago..

“but could they still be doing their honeymoon?” Grace thought.

I can’t just imagine what sister Caro will say if she sees me here.

Definitely she will make jest of me and call me a hypocrite.

Obviously, there are some places you are expected not to be found as a public figure especially as a minister of God…

Just as she was reminiscing the decision to take, the door screeched….

Grace was taken aback!

Oh my princess is here! James said smiling, giving her a hug while she refrained.

“Come on, I’m sorry for the inconveniences but I just have something to discuss with you” James said..

“Please let’s go in….”

Okay… Grace shrugged

But, come on, be cheerful, we didn’t come here to mourn anyone’s death, James said and patted her at her back.

Yeah… I know but am not just comfortable here, this is a hotel room, I am married and you are too.

And that’s why I ask you to come here, Grace you see, you don’t have an idea of what I’m going through, I need someone to talk to and you are the best person I can talk to, James said moving closer to her.

And it’s because…. I believe I can trust you

Grace felt her eyes locked in his, she felt compassion and at the same time, a feeling she can’t explain.

“I’m sorry….. but, you see, Jesus can…. A
But before she completed the statement, James had Drew nearer than she expected, His hand curled round her hips

It was a dream she never imagined, not out of matrimony but She enjoyed the moment, she enjoyed the emotions burning in her to please her flesh.

Her eyes still locked in his, James planted a kiss on her lips, run his finger down her and pushed her to the mattress… His trousers let loosed and they had sex.
Grace jerked up from bed!
She looked around, it does not look like her room.

In the midst of the confusion, she was startled by a loud sound from the other side of the bed, it was James snoring heavily…

Her heart raced, what had happened? Her eyes widened, as she felt a strange feeling within her, she is stark naked and the sight of blood brought her back to her senses.

Ah! Jesus! This man has finish me oooo! She shouted.

I think I should just respect myself and leave this place, she muttered silently, it’s some minutes past seven,

where on Earth will she say she is coming from. It was then reality dawned on her that Williams had not call her, could it be that he later went for the evening program?

I hope so, she muttered silently feeling relieved.

Babe you are awake.. James said yawning so hard.

And who is your babe… Grace fired angrily, so this was why you called me here, right?

This was the problem you had? This was the issue I don’t know you are going through and only me can help you solve? Grace said, tears flowing down her cheek.

Am sorry, I didn’t mean to, it was my emotions, am sorry,…James said trying to reach her shoulders.

“Don’t you dare touch me! You deceptive soul… Who do you think I am? Wicked soul… she cursed silently and barged out of the room.
Hmm! How art the mighty fallen!
Even the scripture says it , “let him that thinketh He stands take heed, lest he fall.
Grace fell! She fell for deceit…..

(To be continued)

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