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A fall from Grace episode 6

This! Is a fall from Grace episode 6

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Grace got home that evening feeling so happy as she reminisced on the moments spent with James.

She could not understand her feelings anymore as she rest on Williams shoulder.

“Dear, what’s it… you’ve been absent-minded ever since you return from work.” Williams said as they watched the evening news

“Nothing, I’m just so perplexed at what is happening in this nation..” Grace lied.

“May Almighty God help us”…. Grace continued.

Williams looked at his wife, he knew something is wrong because everything she had just said is contradictory to the TV show.

“But it’s just an interview with a popular business tycoon, I don’t know how it relates to being perplexed about what is happening in the nation”… Williams asked her.

“Please let me be Williams, I don’t know what’s up with this evening interview but I don’t think I am interested..” Grace said taking her head away from his shoulders..

“Am sorry”… He apologized, I didn’t mean to bother you, but I feel you should understand my feelings, we should not be keeping anything away from each other….”

And who say I am keeping something away from you, I think you should be matured enough to respect my privacy… Grace blurted out, storming out of the living room.

Am I missing something? Williams thought as his gaze followed her till she was out of sight..

God, is there something wrong, is there something I do not know? Williams inched over his thoughts like a measuring worm.

Tomorrow is supposed to be their outing day after a very long time of being together with the kids.

“God, what’s happening? Your word says that, we become one flesh as husband and wife, we share our thoughts together, we build ourselves together.

Pastor kola said in the counseling room, ‘your spouse is your best friend, don’t hide your feelings from him, don’t be secretive about anything, you no longer have a private life, your husband is your private life and your wife is your private life.

So, what’s happening Lord, reveal to me, I need your help, Grace is drifting away from me, I feel she is slipping ever since she got her new job.

Lord, reveal yourself to her, teach her how to love me, teach me how to love her, don’t let politics come in between us, don’t allow her political career take my place in her heart.”
Williams intensified more in the prayer, praying for his wife, their relationship, his ministry, and his members.

Grace got into the room, she knelt beside her bed to pray when her phone beeped, it was a message.
“this mtn people will never cease to send me useless messages, she said, and picked up her phone only to be surprised at the content of the message from the notification bar, it is from a strange number. She hurriedly draw her pattern to unlock her phone..

“thank you for today, I really appreciate the moment spent with you. I look forward to seeing you again, will tomorrow be okay? I have a burden in my heart and I will like to share with you”. From James, have a good night rest”..

Lord, I hope I am doing the right thing, maybe tomorrow will be the best time to share the word of God with him.

He said he has a burden in his heart, I will read the part of the scripture that says, “come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest”.

But what about the outing? Another thought came into her mind. We can do that some other time.

“The soul of a man is more important than outing”…

James need Jesus, he need to feel the peace and joy of Jesus..

The Holy Spirit ministered to her heart immediately, “the king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will.

She does not need a Bible concordance to Check the meaning of that verse, she knew what the Holy spirit is saying to her, ‘no matter how rigid a man’s heart is, it does not take God a minute to convert that man’.
As she was deliberating, her phone beeped again, it was another message from James.

“Grace please I will want you to come tomorrow, I really need to speak to you as you are the only one I can ever think of right now.

Venue: vanilla resort, 2:00pm.

Oh my goodness…. I hope I can be of help to him, I feel there is a void in his heart that only Jesus can fill.

Lord, help me not to be distracted, even though the heart of the king is in the hands of God but God will not come down from heaven to minister to a man.

He will surely use a vessel and I am that vessel God will use for James… Grace thoughts aloud, and sighed.

Okay, I will see you tomorrow”…

Grace texted as she contemplated on sending the message or not but her index finger slapped the send button and boom! It delivered.

Williams took his phone to dial shola’s number, one of the junior pastor in the ministry.

“hello shola good morning”
“Hello”…. Shola greeted still yawning and rubbing his face with his right palm to check the caller ID.
“Sleeping giant”… Williams said jokingly.
Reverend, good morning.. Shola replied smiled..
“Shola please I want you coordinate the evangelism team, I will not be around for today’s evangelism and I want you to anchor the end of month program in the evening, I will be late”.
“Okay sir…” Shola replied
“Thank you shola”…
“Welcome sir”… shola replied and ended the call.
My baby! Williams said smiling as she tickled his wife.
Oh oh! Grace chuckled.
“Am sorry about yesterday”. Williams said winking at her.

“Am also sorry too, I was just thinking about work, I had a little misunderstanding with my P.A, so I cannot just help thinking about how it all happened, I don’t even want to think or talk about it again… Grace quickly added to avoid more question from Williams.

She is not very good in fabricating lies and so, she don’t want to be caught up in the web of ranting and cracking her brain.

It’s okay, I do not mean to bother you, I just cannot stay a minute without you, I wonder what would have become of me of I hadn’t met you, you mean the world to me… Williams said, drawing close to his wife, he pecked her.

I love you too… Grace said looking straight into his eyes… she missed him! She needed him at a time like this! Her mind strayed to James, she felt like saying everything to him as they lay on the bed facing each other, his right hand touching her left ears, looking straight into his eyes, she can’t remember the last time she said those words to her husband.

She felt a strong urge to spill it out… Ehmm….
So, what about James? Williams broke the silence that had ensued.

Her eyes widened, she was bewildered, how does he knows what was going on in her mind, the moment she was about to talk was when he asked the question that almost cold shivers running down her spine.

The message… it was then it dawned on her that she had not delete the conversation on her phone…

Errm… James is fine, he is doing well.
It’s okay, he nods.

She felt relieved. She thought he will say something like, ‘I saw the messages he sent to you last night’, ‘why did you want this man to come in between us’, or ‘You want to give the devil a chance in this home’.

Thank God…. She prayed within her.
“I told Shola to take care of the evangelism team and the ministration”.

“Wow, that’s great, but why?”
“That small issue had made you forgot so easily?”

“Oh oh! Yes, so when are we going” it’s almost 7:00am and the kids will soon be up.
9:00am is okay, just to take our bath and get dressed.

Coconut bread and scrambled egg is a not a bad idea for breakfast right?

Grace asked from the bathroom.
“No”.. Dear, please can you make the dishes, I’ve missed your food
“Alright dear”

Grace thought about her past few weeks in the political climate. She can’t remember the last time she prepared her husband’s meal.

“It’s the nature of my job… She muttered silently to herself as she moved towards the door.

“Mummy, this food is delicious”… Favour said as they are at the dining, it’s been a while every member of the family eat together.

Yes, very delicious than Aunty Mary’s food… Mercy taunted avoiding Mary’s gaze.

Ehn ehn… it is today that you know that Aunty Mary’s food is not delicious abi? Mary said jokingly.

It’s okay, let us eat our food, remember your table manners.
Yes mummy, thou shall not talk while eating.

Always drink water after every meal.
Wash your hands before and a…..f

“Mercy, it’s okay…. Everybody knows you are a genius” Williams cautioned her.

Daddy do you know you just violated one of the laws… Favour jeered.

And you too…Williams said laughing
“And you too”…. Favour said laughing sarcastically

Grace was smiling, watching at how father and children throws tantrum at each other.

She enjoyed the moment, the fun, she could not help but smile, she missed her family so much, she feel warm in their midst.

Boom! Mercy blurted interrupting her thoughts…..”Let’s see who finish eating first” she added putting plenty bread mixed with egg in her mouth.
Favour and Mary joined in the terrain as they put all their eggs in the mouth….

Will you stop that? Williams said as he watched the children struggling to swallow the bread.

Mercy could not swallow the bread as it got stucked in his throat, his cheeks popped out from the many bread in his mouth, he quickly ran to the kitchen the spill it out.

He came back from the kitchen frowning his face, they could not help but laughed at him… just then, Favour shouted….Win…..ner.

Mercy burst into tears..,
They all laughed at his disposition….
Dear Mercy, Grace hurried to her son still laughing.

Don’t mind Favour, she is agabaya… don’t mind her, don’t sorry, I will buy pizza and ice cream for only you today, favour will only take water…
Not even bottle water but sachet water… Mary added still gigging.

The outing….

The black sedan car pulled up at the resort close to the bar beach at the Victoria island in Lagos.

They’d had a nice time travelling all the way from the main island. Only that the traffic was not being fair but they chatted, bought chips and laughed at funny jokes from Mercy and favour.

Grace had suddenly forget about her deal with James and was already beaming with excitement as they watched the water with awe mixed with excitement. Mercy was a bit a scared though, so Mary carried him on her hands while they watch from the banks.

They laughed at little boys who are scared of the water while Williams and Grace entered the beach giggling as they water surge comes close.
They were about to leave the beach to the wonderland recreation center when Grace phone Beeped.
It was James.

“Hello dear…”

“Hy… she replied sounding cold”
“Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten so soon, our deal”.

“Yes….. ehmm…. I …. Ehmm…. Grace stuttered.

Please Grace, just this one time, just do me this favour even if you won’t do another..

I’m broken…. James said in a low tone
Okay, can we make it 4pm, I’m at a place right now and I can’t be chanced by 2:00..

“Okay, thank you” he said and ended the call.

“Who is that?” Williams asked sharply
“It’s a colleague at work, she is having issues with her marital affairs so she want us to pray together”…. Grace replied.

She felt bad she had to cover up with lies again, she knows if she tell him about James and his marital issue, he will not want her to probe into it, maybe he will come up with excuse like, ‘it does not concerns you’. But she felt a part of her helping James, at least know Christ but another part of her is restraining her move.

“God I need your wisdom, I want to hear what the Spirit is saying”… Grace prayed in her heart as they traveled to the recreation centre.

You’ve been silent ever since you received the call, I hope you are fine…
Yes, I am… Grace replied and smiled wryly.

The children boomed with joy as they sat at the motor swing with their parents, laughing in the midst of the fright.

Ohh…. Mummy!…. Daddy!… Favour shouted when she got to the top of the slide, she could not contain the fright and the excitement.

Mummy we need to buy more chocolate and hollandia yogurt… Mercy said as they drove home.
Okay sir… Grace said jokingly.
“With more sweets”… okay, we will.. we will buy everything, we will even buy the whole supermarket.

The car pulled up in front of a shopping mall, they all alighted from the car and gets into the mall.

“Daddy buy this for me.. Mercy said pointing at a big toy car”.

“Oga, how much is this? Williams said to the attendants…

“It’s just 100K sir, the attendant said smiling as though he just hit a jackpot.
“You mean this thing cost a hundred and thousand naira? Williams asked bewildered.

Wonders shall never cease to happen, even a brand new Toyota 504 does not cost that much back then in the 90’s..

We are in the twenty-first century sir. The attendant said giggling
Okay, you love it right? Yes sir, daddy buy it for us…

Williams chatted with the attendant while waiting for Grace and Mary who gets the toiletries, provisions and the pizza at the other end of the mall.

“Today was fun”… I enjoyed myself, I can’t wait to get to school and gist Nike about my weekend… Favoured chuckled.
Mummy I need more chocolates… Mercy said rubbing her mother’s shoulders.
“You can’t eat chocolates today again. If not,, your “pupu” will be black….”
Favour laughed hysterically at the joke, and mercy burst into laughter too.
So… no chocolate, till tomorrow..
Grace checked her phone, it’s almost 4pm, her heart skipped. Just then, her phone beeped, it was a message from James.
“I hope to see you soon.”

She read the message almost ten times, ‘could it be that James is really passing through a lot and he needs someone to talk to’, ‘maybe he needs someone who can listen’, ‘maybe he just want her to be there for him’. Whatever it is, I will get to him and see if I can help….. she resolved.

Proverb 14:12
“There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death”.

Sweetheart, I will be going now…. Grace said as she walked out of the bedroom, her make ups were light and her wig fell to her back.

She looked stunning!

Williams took his gaze from the television.

Favour is already dozing while mercy stared blankly at the TV…. Her eyes looking blur.

Mary please carry the children to their rooms. Grace said to Mary who was busy with the dishes.

Alright take care of yourself and don’t stay long… send my regards to her, Williams said.

Williams felt a nudge in his heart immediately his wife stepped out of the house. the Holy Spirit is going to minister to him, so he became still, ready to listen.

A verse of the scripture dropped into his inner man, “Be watchful, be vigilant because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour”.

He reminisced on the word and then, stood up and begin to pray on his ministry..

But, It’s quite unfortunate that Williams did not listen to the “detailed” instructions of what the Spirit is saying to him.

(to be continued)

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