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This is a fall from Grace episode 5

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“Madam, madam”… Musa greeted raising his two hands up.

“Madam welcome”… Musa greeted Grace as she stepped down from her car.

How are you Musa? Grace replied going straight into the house without waiting for his response.

Mummy! Mummy mummy!! Favour jumped into the arms of Grace as she entered the house.

“Mummy we miss you,” favour said playing with her braid…

“I miss you too my dear, work has been hectic but I promise to make it up to you during the weekend.” “We will be having an outing”… Grace said and dropped her on the ground.

Where is Mercy and your dad? I don’t know.

How come you don’t know?

“Where were you?”

“I was with Aunty Mary at the balcony”.

“Welcome ma,” Mary, the house help greeted her.

“How are you doing?”
“Am fine ma”

H”you seen Favour and his dad?”
“Yes, I overhead them laughing in their room the other time”

“Okay, thank you.”

Honey! Am back, grace shouted as she climbed the stairs while Favour followed her.

Mummy, the last person to get upstairs is a looser… Favour said as she tried running pass her mom, revealing her teeth

They both run up the stairs together smiling and laughing from the joke.

Mummy you are a looser…. Favour said as she ran into the room while Grace chased after her…

It is you that is a looser… Grace said jokingly as they both entered the room.
“Your kids miss you”…. Williams broke the silence that ensued as they both lay facing each other, his laps over hers.

“And I miss you too, for the past two weeks you’ve been inaugurated into office, you’ve not been available at home, even when you come home at night, it’s always difficult to touch you because all I see is fatigue written all over you.

I miss us, I miss cuddling you and I miss the late night chats, we no longer have time to pray together again… I think you should relinquish your…….”

“I’m sorry… I never bargained for this”.. Grace said looking straight into his eyes,

“I promise to make it up this weekend…”

“I love you”… she said and kissed him
“I love you too”

“So, I told the kids we are going on an outing this weekend”.. Grace said as he rest his head on her husband’s leg while Williams caress her hair

“Nice idea! Where are we going?”

“I don’t even know where we should take them to, but I want a different place from the usual mall and amusement park they have been to countless number of times”

“What about going to the beach with the kids? William suggested.

“Wow! That’s a great idea, they will love to see the waters and we can enjoy ourselves at the resort.”

“Wow.. thanks dear, you always come through… that your big head is full of ideas and knowledge…” Grace said jokingly touching his forehead
“Na you Sabi”… Williams said smiling..

“Will you mind going out for lunch this afternoon…” James said

“No, I have something to eat here and peradventure I need anything, I can easily send Faith to get it for me.”

“I’m sorry but I insist..” James said trying to persuade her.

“But i….” Grace said but she was cut in by James

“Shhhh!” He gestured putting his second finger on his lips.
“There is no but, as a proof of our friendship, just lunch, nothing more”.

“Okay”.. Grace said smiling, he looked more handsome in his white kaftan and trousers, his beards and his moustache giving him a different tint of elegance…

It’s not a bad idea to go for lunch on a sunny Friday, at least ease herself from the busyness of office.

“So, I will be back in few minutes”… James said and closed the door gently
She felt nervous as James closed the door behind him. She felt a strong urge to go with him, yet her inner man keep warning her against it.

Yes, I know James might be a terrible man but being friendly with him might be an opportunity to change him and convert him to Jesus… she thought aloud trying to justify the thoughts opposing her from going.

Yet, her inner man keep warning her, “do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers”. That verse of the scripture struck her mind.

And then, another thoughts came into her mind, “go ye into all the world, preaching the gospel”……..

“Hey! Are you ready!” James boom in with enthusiasm.

Yes, I am… she let out a wry smile.

“Listen! It’s just a lunch with a colleague, I am married and so you are… It’s far from what you might be thinking”.. James said sitting on the table, and touching her shoulders..

She felt relieved but nervous at the same time, her mind is totally against it but she felt it might be an avenue to change his mind and turn him to God but it was actually the way round.

The black tinted car pulled up in front of a resort centre.

“Hey, we are here”…. James said smiling as they sat at the lounge.

You look so stunning especially with your shades… James complemented.

You know, I just have to use my shades, anybody can be around and considering the fact that I am the wife of Reverend Williams is enough to gather gossip.

So, can we get to eat… Grace said still feeling nervous, her mind is not at rest…. Her spirit keeps telling her, “you are not in the best position to convert a man, only Jesus can”. Yet, her defensive mechanism keep pulling at it, ‘what if I am a vessel meet for the master’s use?’.

Yes, we can.. so, what would you like to take, he asked signaling to the waiter.

“Harish potato with vanilla ice cream…”

“Please get us two plates of Harish potato and ice cream”… James said to the waiter.

“Thought you would like to take something else”.

“Your wish is my wish”.. James replied giggling..

Grace blushed. She can’t believe she is liking him as sweet sensation run down her spine.

“So, about yesterday. You said, you understand how it feels for women to spill out words out when their emotions are high..

“Can you tell me about it, you are not a woman. So, how come you understand.”

“Hmm”…. James heaved heavily as his mouth went on leave for a while.
“my wife, He said letting out a sigh….burden is an understatement to describe her, thorn will probably be a rehearsed adjective.” James said looking down, stroking the table with his fork.

“She nags a lot and she is never sorry or apologetic. She is always right, I cannot just fathom why….”

“It’s fine”…. I’m so sorry about that, Grace said putting her hand on his.
“James eyes widened, I can’t remember the last time we both had a conversation like this, I am married but lonely”… James said looking straight into get eyes as though they have the solution to his problem but if Grace could see through his heart that all he had said is mere façade built upon lies..

But immediately avoided his gaze.
“Holy Spirit, I don’t like this feelings, I should not be feeling this way. Please take this feelings away”… she prayed silently as they walked towards his car.

“Thanks for today….” James said smiling as they entered his car…
It’s nothing, I am so grateful too… Grace giggled.

And, I must confess I enjoy your company.
Yes, I enjoyed yours too… Grace said smiling.

Hmm… Isn’t Grace going too far? I think she is….  Or readers, what do you think?….


Love to hear your thoughts on this🤗😀

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