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This is a fall from Grace episode 4

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“It is a great privilege to be found among the cabinets today, it is a rare privilege that God gives to His own”.. Grace said smiling, as she delivered her speech standing in front of the podium that fateful morning.

“Young women are wounded, young girls are suffering, from rape to suicide and assault, gender inequality in every areas of life”

“women have become a second class citizen in the society, women are being assaulted and taken advantage of because of that mentality of being a weakling.”

Women are not being empowered because they feel they are weakling and just to give birth and perform their daily duties in the kitchen.

“ Our society needs to rise, our community needs to rise and our nation need to rise, our schools need to rise and work hand in hand, encouraging the women that the sun is smiling at them again”.

We as a cabinet need to rise and empower the women, bring them up, enlighten them and provide opportunities for them”. This is my goals and aspiration, God helping me. She concluded her speech

She was amazed at the accolades she was given as she stepped down from the podium.

It is a great privilege to be seated among kings and great people…. she felt like a queen as she walked back to her seat.

With the protocols flashing lights on her.

Wow! She is beautiful… she heard someone say as she walked back..
All thanks be to God.. she said within.
I am not just here, I have an assignment, I have a duty and if I fail in it, I have fail in all.. she inched over her thoughts as she sat down among other newly elected officials.

“Hi.. my name is Senator James.”

“ I’m Grace… Williams Grace”

“Wow! Your name is beautiful”… the senator said smiling, grinning from ear to ear.

“Thank you”…
If wishes were horses beggars would ride, they say, but Senator James is one of the few people in life she wished she never met.

Calling the day she met him a bad day is an understatement, probably a day when the sky is dark and the sun has dipped beneath its horizon.

Grace resumed the office after her inauguration as the new minister of women affairs.

“We will be having our first official meeting with you” Semilore, her P.A had said to her some days ago.

“Alright…thank you, I will make the necessary arrangements.. she told her.
“Good morning Senators, ministers, officers, chairman, the council, members of different party. It is a rare privilege and an opportunity to be standing among prominent people this morning..

And I appreciate everyone that has made it a possibility to be standing amongst you as well. I do not take it for granted, so, I thank you all.
I was privilege to speak with my predecessor sometimes ago and I asked her the greatest challenge of women in the community and the nation at large, and her response was that, ‘the women folks are not given the opportunity to maximize their potential’.

It is no longer a gain saying that women are not given the privilege to maximize their potential because of a misquoted verse in the scripture which says, ‘for the women are a weaker vessel’.

Many women are suffering, many women are dying with ideas no man has ever thought of, many impression are going down the drain because it lack expression, no one is ready to listen to witty ideas that can salvage a community from misery.. why? Because women are seen as second class citizen.

Many young girls are being molested, many ladies are being taken advantage on, and the most painful part is the silence that accompany the molestation.

Many young women are crying but, no one could see the tears.
We need to rise as a community, we need to rise as a society, we need to rise as a body and come together as a government to care for the women folks, and bring them to a stand point of participation and relevance.

The women need to crawl out of their shell, lift their heads up and make their voice heard all over the nations.
It is my goal to make this happen, God helping me”…. Grace said smiling as she received a standing ovation from the crowd.
“Wow! That was a wonderful speech”…James said to her after exchanging pleasantries.
“Thank you”.. she replied.

“You know, that was how we were too, our first position in politics is always clouded in massive goals and ambitions but on the long run, we turned out to be the monsters in disguise of a good man.”

“Can you be explicit”… Grace asked not getting a clue of what he said.
“Okay…. I mean… Never mind.” Senator said, trying to avoid more questions
Okay, it’s okay
She got home and explain everything senator said to her in the afternoon as she could not fathom what he was trying to drive out, even though his last statement was explicit enough, she does not want to give a conclusion of what she thinks he is driving at.
“Sweetie, there is something I want you to ask you”.. she said as they ate on the dining table.

“Okay, am all ears”… Williams said dropping his fork to maximize absolute attention.

“ The speech I was working on yesterday was successfully delivered today, but then, one of the Senators walked up to me after exchanging pleasantries with me, he said, ‘that’s how they were too, and their first position in politics is always clouded in goals and ambitions but on the long run, they turn out to be s monster in the guise of a good person”.

“But I don’t really understand what he was driving at”
“Hmm…” william heaved heavily and then, give out a wry smile.

“They are wolfs in sheep’s clothing”, their appearance speaks dignity and righteousness but their fruit is a sharp contrast of their appearance”. Williams said.

So, what he meant was that, he was once like you having great goals and mindset of helping the masses, do the right thing and not to compromise his faith but on the long run, he compromised and became a monster in the guise of the good man he was at the initial stage
“Hmm … but people can be wicked and complacent.

“How can you be a rotten egg enveloped in a fresh shell and still have the decency of trying to influence the new ones, People can be inhumane sometimes…”
“Imagine! He still had the guts to let his cat out of the bag….” Grace blurted

But, dear, you are not saying anything… at least, I expected you to say something concerning the Senator’s word and here you are, keeping mute…” Grace said as she watched him stare at me.

“ I just think the best thing for you to do now is not to be castigating him but to pray for grace for your own life and tenure.

“Remember the verse in the scripture that says, ‘let him that think he stand, take heed, lest he fall.”

“The senator was once an innocent man with pure intentions of influencing peoples’ lives positively but later turned out to be a monster in disguise of the once innocent man.”
“So, the best thing is to pray for him and if you cannot, just stay away from him and ask for grace.

God has a higher call for you in politics, beyond politics, you have an assignment and it will be very bad if you betray the trust He had in you.
So, work out the calling with the fear of God in you”.

“Thank you dear”…I do appreciate it.
“Anytime dear”… Williams said smiling.

“So.. can we eat our food now, it’s getting cold…”

“Good afternoon”…..James walked up to her office that cool afternoon.

“Good afternoon”… she replied, her gaze fixed on her laptop.

After the incidence that happened on the inauguration day, she has avoided him like a plague.

She just cannot fathom why he takes pleasure in influencing her wrongly and she had vowed and prayed not to have anything to do with him.

“What are you up to” James said smiling revealing his gap tooth.”

I see you are busy and I still don’t know why you have been avoiding me… James said drawing the seat at the other side of the table backward.

“Can I?” He said gesturing if he should take his seat or not.

“Yes, you can but if you don’t mind, you will seat all day because I have loads of work I need to attend to”… Grace said taking her gaze from her laptop

“But, why are you so mean? I can’t remember having a misunderstanding with you the last time.

Yet, you’ve not been nice to me, I hope they have not been feeding you with lies….”

She looked up, the last statement got her attention.

“They?” She said, raising her voice a little. Nobody is feeding me with lies and you did not offend me, all I know is that, I don’t want to have anything to do with you and I am not apologetic about my statement.” Grace said bluntly.

“I’m sorry”… she said almost immediately.

“No, it’s fine”… I understand your emotions and I understand how it feels for women to spill words out of their mouth especially when their emotions are rolled up like sleeves.

“So, what are you up to?” James asked.

“I need to get some things, I will be going to fifteen local government next week. So, I am working on the budgets, many things need to be done” Grace spilled out, immediately wishing she did not say anything, as she felt she should not be having a conversation with James.

Holy Spirit help me… she prayed within.

Wow! I love your diligence, James said, nodding his head as a compliment.

His mind flashed back to his early days in politics. His mom had warned him from going into politics but his love for politics is at its peak, as a vibrant young guy, he has started his political career from the University when he started as a faculty representative having great goals and ambition for his faculty.

Obviously, he was loved by many due to his tremendous work and which did not make it difficult for him to attain the post of the SUG president during his penultimate year in the school.

His desire to make people happy and make a difference among many monsters in the political climate has created a desire in him to go into politics after his master degree, not knowing he would turn out to be the monster he wanted to be different from.

“So…. Keep it up”… it’s a journey, James said walking up to the window, and sliding the glass  to one side.

“only grace can make one stand in the midst of the compromise”….. James mumbled silently.

So, I think I should go now I will see you some other time, I have some things to attend to as well…. James said and slammed the door behind him.

Grace reminisced on the word as he stepped out of his office, “it’s a journey, only grace can make one stand in the midst of the compromise”
“It’s a journey, only grace can make one stand in the midst of the compromise”.

“It’s a journey, only grace can make one stand in the midst of the compromise.”

The words keep ringing in her head as she drove home. “God, I need your help, it’s so obvious I cannot do this alone, I ask you to step in and help me, you’ve given me this rare privilege and I don’t want to misuse the privilege.”

Will Grace be able to walk on the journey of faith without compromising or will she turn out to be a monster in disguise?


Love to hear your thoughts on this🤗😀

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