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This is a fall from Grace episode 3

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I got to Nigeria and started a new life, a new chapter, on a fresh page.
Life was indeed beautiful and great for me especially when I met the love of my life, Williams….

Hmm!! I think a deep smile will remind me of the memories shared together, memories that will forever remain green as long as I live.

It was indeed sweet memories before I allowed the devil take a place in my heart and replace my peace with pieces of sighs.

Pieces of sighs might still be able to put up with, I think bundle of sorrows and sighs was what he replaced my joy with.

Well, it was not the devil’s fault but all my fault because I gave him a place in my heart and he built a mansion in it as a residence.

It all started like this…
I met my husband in a friend’s function, I was thrilled by his handsome looks, his dress sense was awesome too(You know, winks!) I was not only attracted to his handsome looks but my inner mind was it again, speaking in a gentle and sweet voice, “he is your husband”.

“Really? I asked the voice

“Yes”… he is… the voice said to me.
Yes, I was really close to the HolySpirit to that extent, we converse and I share my thoughts with Him

“Hi”…. He said smiling, jolting me back to the moment.
“Hello”… I replied returning the smile.
My name is Williams, he said grinning, revealing his upper teeth and lower teeths.

“Wow!” Nice name.. I exclaimed with a smile

“I’m Grace”

“Great, nice meeting you, the Spirit of God is telling me your are my wife”…. He said bluntly.(I wanted to laugh but could not)

How could he be so blunt (nawa for all these spiritual brothers oo).. I thought

“Are you serious??? Is that how you meet people and propose”…. I said trying to give a boldface.

Let me say that was how I was brought up, to boldface before guys so as not to look cheap.

A bad and nasty mindset!

Anyway, that was what my environment taught me and I appreciate it a little, different from what God taught me though.

I live with the guilt of talking rudely with the young man until I met him in church that fateful Sunday.

Yes, him in particular.

Dressed in a freeyard black skirt, slightly above my knees, a white chiffon top and black flowered hat. I handled the microphone with my left hand singing, each notes appearing in crescendo as I sang on my favourite key.
“Wow!!! You sang well”… I hear a voice speak to me after greeting everybody in the church.. Yes, it was almost everybody because I was a centre of attraction..

Beautiful with a melodious voice. I cannot hide that fact! I’m beautiful…. No!!! I was beautiful.

“Thank you”… I said smiling, turning my eyes to the person complementing, I was taken aback!

“Hi… I said with a wry smile and a sense of guilt.
“I’m sorry about the….”
“It’s okay,” he replied almost immediately without letting me finish my statement.

“So, how are you doing today?” I said trying to initiate a friendly conversation.
“I’m doing very great and healthful,” he said smiling….
One thing I like about Williams is his cute smile, even when everything is wrong, he replies with a smile.
He is a man with few words but weighty words. but then, his smiles gives justice to it all
“Okay… but plz, pardon me for the other day, I was rude. I know I can’t have a second chance to make the first impression you had about me, but am deeply sorry”… I quickly said breaking the short silence.

“Hmm”… he heaved heavily, still smiling, revealing his gap tooth and dimples(nice dimples!)…. So, believe me when I tell you Williams is handsome(winks!).. well, that’s not a priority.

“It’s okay…. He finally said.

“you cannot have a second chance but you can have a forever chance to make a lasting impression.”
I do not need to crack my head before I understand the Statement so I told him to give me time to pray about it.
I walked down the wings of the church building, separated from the nave proper by Piers in my flowing white gown, it was the happiest day of my life..

I didn’t know my life would be as sweet as that, the sight of Barrister Daniel and his wife moved me to tears, I wouldn’t have been where I am today without them in my life, probably I would still be on the streets selling plantain chips under the scorching sun, running after vehicles and frying dodokire in the cold nights.

“Thank you!” I said to them smiling.

“thank you for everything, may God reward you with all the good things you desire”… I prayed. They are my real parent.

(You might want to ask about my guardian as well).. I won’t disappoint you, they were around to grace the occasion of their “daughter”

So, they came bending, apologizing, telling me how sorry they are but I actually thank them for rejecting me that day in the hospital. I thank them for calling me bad luck because they could not see that I was a good luck in disguise.

“Thank you so much, thank you… one thing led to another. God actually used you by allowing you push me away into elevation.

You thought you’ve done me bad, but it is the greatest gift I ever received from you…” I said to Papa and Mama giving them the biggest hug.


I got married to the man of my dreams, the man who had suddenly win my heart, our love life was sweet, our home was sweet until the day I decided to intentionally destroy my home and make it sour.

Hasn’t the scripture clarified it, “A wise woman build her house while the foolish one destroy it with her own hands”.

Yes, I actually destroy my home with my hands and that lies the beginning of my downfall.

Williams is a primary school teacher by profession, an NCE older, let me just be blunt, an ordinary NCE older.

Well, I actually love him like that and then, due to the fact that God has blessed me and has uplifted me, i carried most of the responsibility in the home. Williams actually played his part as well, but his part is like nothing especially when the twins arrived.

I never feel the burden of taking care of the family because I was virtually the “man” in the house. Despite this fact, I gave him the honour, and the accolades he deserve as a man.

“It’s not easy to be a man”…. I said to him one fateful evening during our Saturday stroll with the kids.

“Yes baby,” he said smiling
“A man’s life is clouded with so great challenges and difficulties.”
“Dear, don’t even go there”… I said trying to prevent him from saying more words.

“I’ve warned you severally not to say anything against yourself”. I said looking straight into his eyes.
I know where he is going, I know what next he would say but then, I decided not to allow him…
“Okay… there is a God who understands everything.” he concluded.

“And I’m here for you”…. I said smiling, giving him a tight hug.
“Yes, I know that, and that’s why I love you and will always do.”
I’ve been having this strong feelings lately.” Williams said, distracting my attention from the news broadcast on TV,
“What’s that dear”. God has been speaking to me for a while now
“So, what’s the subject”…. I asked impatiently..

“God is asking me to quit my job”
“Really??? Why??? When??? I asked him.

For a greater purpose”…
“And, what is the greater purpose?” I asked rolling my eyeballs
“I don’t know.”

“Hmm”…. I sighed
“And then, are you sure it’s God that is actually speaking to you?” I asked Williams who seem to be so sure of what he is saying.

I went to bed that night with different thoughts running in my head. Obviously, I inched over my thoughts like a measuring worm as I watched my hubby sleep beside me, snoring heavily, smiling. He even smile in his dream.

Well! That’s his hobby… smiling! You’re amazed right? That was how I was amazed the first time he told me his hobby is smiling.

Does he want to keep banking on my finances? Is he up to something? Does he even know what it means to be a man? Different questions running through my mind as I lay on the bed.

Well! I had a dream that night that answered all my unanswered question.

“So, I quit my job today”… my husband said to me that fateful evening

“Wow! That’s great”… I replied smiling.

“Am sorry,” he said apologizing.
“No… it’s the Lord work, we need to carry out his work in due time and season and this is the time!”

My husband was dumbfounded, he was astonished at my sudden support and words of encouragement.

“Wow!!! He exclaimed I thought you are against it yesterday”
“Yes, I was against it but now, I am with you because it’s not just your burden but our burden and I am willing to help you carry the burden.”
“Thank you dear!!! I love you.”

“I had a dream”….. we both chorused.
“Really?” We smiled.

“okay, let me hear yours”… I quickly chipped in.

“No”….Ladies first”
“No… it’s guys first”… I argued
Okay, let’s do it like this, the first person to finish three glasses of water will take the second lead
“Hell no! I’m not playing this game with you today because you are definitely the winner”
“Okay, the dream goes thus……”
I became a Reverend with my husband, backing him up in the ministry and then, putting my whole time in building the ministry.. so, it became less of office and more of church.

During this time, it was close to the primary election of my party and then, I was contesting for the post of the minister of women affairs, putting my trust in God to gain a chance.

I did not lost my interest in politics as a result of the ministry. Infact, the interest became stronger.
I wanted to make an impact, a difference as a politician and as a daughter of the most high.

And God confirmed my desires and passion…
“You will be the voice of my sheep in a corrupt world”.
It took me days before I understood God’s word to me… God is trusting me to speak on behalf of Christians and fight for his sheep.

Few days to the election, God’s word came again,

“An army is rising in you, a Deborah is rising in you and you are the elect. But, hold fast your conviction, hold on to your faith and remain humble before your God”.

Without much Ado, I knew I was going to win the election.

So, I stopped the campaign and put my wholesome trust in God.

“Good evening listeners…we bring to you a good news this evening.

The newly conducted election went well and we thank the Almighty God because it was a free and fair election”. The newscaster said

“But then, during an election, we should always expect two things which is the one who emerges as the winner and the one who does not.

“Among the newly elected minister is the minsiter of women affairs, a person of Williams Grace.

I was astonished as I sat down on the soft sofa watching the news with Williams and the children….
“Wow!!!! Thank God”… Williams shouted while the kids jump on their feet.

“Congratulations mummy”…. Favour and Mercy said smiling at me

And that began my story, the story of my compromise in the political climate, the story of blood shed to attain power, the story of the survivalist! The story of maintaining the power by feasting on blood, and making rituals in the dead of the night.

It all started this way…………..

It becomes hotter 🔥

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