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This is a fall from Grace episode 2

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My name is Professor Doctor Barrister Senator William Grace. Such a great combination of titles, right? Yes, that’s my name and that’s who I was… less I forget, I am a Reverend as well. So, you can add that at the back of your mind..

In the heat of the moment, I think I should start my story from being a poor plantain chips seller, selling plantain chips under the scorching sun, with the heat from the sun sinking into my bones and marrows, running after vehicles and then, retiring to my night business of frying dodokire and akara.

Then, my name is Grace. I hail from the northern part of a great country called “Nigeria”, a land flowing with milk and honey. Arise oh compatriots!! Hear the Clarion call..

A country I love and cherish so dearly. But then, I reside among the northerners. Typically, I was like them, my intonation, and everything about me… my personality!

I was not one of the privileged children around as I have to struggle to make a living.

Dad and my mum had an accident which led to their death and then, the six children from the union were distributed among relatives.

let me say I was not lucky with the relative I was given, they were paupers and so, everyone eats out of nothing.

So, you see I was raised from the dust… wait a while, dust would be an understatement to describe it, probably, a dunghill will suit the situation.

But then, the only thing that gives me joy is my life in Christ.

I gave my life to Jesus when I was twelve….As I sat down under the scorching sun that fateful afternoon, sales was not fair that day. So, I decided to sit under a tree that has nothing but dried leaves on it, devouring a sachet water and a chips, a lady came to me with handful of handbills.

“Girl, am inviting you to our church program this evening”… she said in the typical hausa language.

“For where?” I asked her

“E dey on top the flier”… she replied and hurried away.

I read through the pamphlet and decided to go for the program since it’s not far from my house and then, it would be a night program.
I fried dodokire that fateful evening and after selling to my usual customer, I decided to hawk the remaining ones towards the venue of the program.

“Grace, you hap pinish selling?” Aishat, one of my friend said .
“No, I dey go one frogram”.. I replied her.
“Okay oo… till tomorrow,” I said carrying the remaining goods on my head, heading to the program.

I got to the program venue and I got something no one has ever given me in life .. I got joy, peace of mind as I surrender my heart to Jesus and that begin my love walk with God.
Yes! It was not just a personal walk, but a love walk with Him.

I gave my life to Jesus and everything about me changed. I have a new life in Jesus and even my guardian knew I got something……

My relationship with God turned me to a new and a changed person. It turned out to be a life I never imagined and then, on the long run, I was called to be a world influencer.

Okay, it all started that fateful afternoon, I never knew what it means to hear God neither do I know anything about God speaking to us.

The only thing I was taught in church is that God hears us as we speak to him through our prayers and praise. But then, it happened that fateful Sunday afternoon.

I came back from church, did my house chores and went Hawking on the streets as usual…
let me say Hawking became an hobby for me due to the fun on the streets…well, what we termed fun ended when I gave my life to Jesus, so the only thing I do is just to hawk my goods in the afternoon and prepare for my night business.

On that fateful afternoon ,sales was great and after some times, I got tired after selling a larger percentage of my goods.  I sat under a kiosk to get some freshness and rest, but not quite long, i slept off.
I had a dream and that was how it started, I was not just preaching the gospel in my dialect, I was speaking in English… fluent English! I woke up to noticed my money has been taken away from me and the remaining chips, taken away, tears trickled down my cheek. I’ve taken some money along with me to save in my newly opened bank account.

I felt pained! I felt like hitting myself with a large stick and crush myself to death.

Obviously, I walked home like an idiot that fateful day, as life suddenly makes no sense to me.

I looked at my bathroom slippers that has suddenly created a round hole at the bottom, all by itself, tears dropped down from my face..

I was actually trying to save the money and start schooling like the other children in the neighborhood but the hope of going to school is jeopardize..

so, what becomes the life of a poor girl trying to be educated??? A question I have no answer to.
I walked on and on, heading home from the streets but the next thing that happened is a scene I can’t fathom (probably a black out shown in Nollywood)
I woke up the next day lying on an hospital bed..

“How come? Wetin bring me here?” I asked the nurses who gave me a cold stare that speak “will you keep quiet!”.

‘‘He’s talking”… someone said, but then, who is he? And how did I got in here? I thought aloud

“Please, who are you?” I asked him as I lay down staring blankly.

“I’m sorry” .. he said apologizing..
“you had an accident”… he finally said…

It was then, everything occurred to me. “And then, I saved you and bring you here… The car that hit you actually ran immediately he sighted blood but I couldn’t help but save your life by driving you here.”.. he continued
“I am your life saver”…he said smiling.
“Yes… we are your life saver”… a woman also added whom I suggested was his wife.

My grace story started from here because I was confined to a wheelchair and my parents calling me bad luck for them challenged my life savers and then, they took me in.
I sat on my wheelchair that afternoon enjoying the aura of the environment when i heard a voice telling me I will be a minister of the gospel at the political climate.

By then, I was only fifteen and I could barely understand until I was eighteen.

Okay, before I proceed, I will like to chip in the story of my recovery and my admission into school.

Okay, I was twelve but was a smart kid, a genius and a book wizard….So, Barrister Daniel, my life saver noticed this in me and decided to make me sit for the TOEFL examination, which I excellently passed with high grades.
Within a space of five months, I travelled to Canada to study political science, my dream course right from time.

By then, I was intimate with God and I do hear him often. I make new friends in Canada but I’m a kind of person that is always careful in making friends, my early experience of having friends that is not interested in my rising has taught me great lesson, so I was being skeptical about my choice of friends.

But, God blessed me with a friend, Beloved
I got all my qualifications in Canada and then, started a new life in Nigeria after the completion of my education…….


What become of Grace when she got to Nigeria

What happened when she got to the political climate?

Did she fulfill her assignments or she went in pursue of fame, power and position

(To be continued next week Monday)

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