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It’s so amazing how we choose things, people or friends based on our standards, perspective or ‘taste’ as we normally term it, but it is so disheartening how they might be to our detriment…. We choose base on human feelings and perspective which might be far cry from the plan of God.

The outer appearance of a guy/lady should not be the first priority you consider while choosing a spouse…. As good as it is, it might be deceptive at times…….Beauty, height, complexion are secondary while choosing a spouse, as the basis must be established on the fact of being in alignment with the will of God because his will lack imperfections.

Beauty is deceitful and favour is vain but a woman that fears the Lord shall be honoured. …. Proverb 31:30

It’s no more a news that beauty fades easily, and doesn’t last long, the only thing that last long is the beauty in heart, the virtue and the good heart…

Guys, plz shine your eyes well and don’t be carried away with a Lady’s makeup if you dont want to wake up someday to see a stranger beside you. You need more than beauty to achieve God’s purpose for your life.

Ladies, don’t be carried away with height, handsomeness, complexion and charisma…. You can’t imagine the trauma of living with a man who suddenly becomes a thorn in one’s flesh after few weeks of marriage…..shine your eyes well! Ladies! Work on your Self, the outer beauty only earns you compliment but does not complement your personality, neither will it give you competence…… You are not what you wear but your personality(inner self) is what you are.

LESSON: Even though beauty should not be the priority when choosing a spouse, marry someone you love…..Never in any point of your life be overwhelmed with pity and say yes to a man because he has been all over you for years……Base your relationship on true love, marry someone who loves you the way you are, marry someone who believes in your vision and who is ready to help you accomplish it.

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